About Gigger Group

Gigger Group AB (publ) is a holding company which aims to promote the development of a fair gig economy for all parties involved. 

We were founded in 2016 with the goal of overseeing the establishment of true value, consideration and societal development in the industry by promoting dynamic forms of employment and recruitment which are more inclusive for all people who wish to partake in the labour market. 

We seek to be at the forefront of progress, guiding companies as they navigate the incoming evolutionary changes to the way we work. 


At our core, we deeply value flexibility and wish to ensure that businesses of the future will be better suited to withstand unforeseen challenges; and that working people may be free to work as would suit their life, rather than the opposite which has become the norm. 


Our primary investment is Gigger AB, the first gig platform to ever be listed on the stock market in Europe. Freelancers and Gig workers may use the platform to send invoices, find more work opportunities and join staff pools.

About Gigger AB

The company was formed in April 2015 under the name Bidnord AB. In the autumn of 2017, the former owners (Properio Ventures AB) divested the company and granted the founders half of their shareholding. The buyer was Osix Sverige AB - a company in which Claes Persson is the major owner. In connection with this, the company name was changed to Gigger, the business model was revised, and Claes Persson himself took over as CEO.


With the market's most modern software platform, Gigger digitizes and simplifies the administration of temporary workers, temporary contractors and freelancers, i.e. the new-age workforce "giggers" in Sweden, and internationally.

The platform enables the customers to create their staff pools and schedule their staff, but above all, payroll management is automated. 


Gigger thus offers the first comprehensive solution that streamlines and reduces/eliminates staff administration and payroll management so that customers lower their costs and can focus on their core business. Gig workers gain access to more assignments and lower thresholds in the labour market while providing higher transparency with simplified, automated, invoicing and secure payment.

The business model is based on creating an entire value chain, for companies and freelancers/temporary employees, through a system of services on Gigger’s platform. Gigger's strategy differs markedly from the other market players. 

There is a clear gap in the market as no player focuses on:


Corporate administration and payroll management of a large number of freelancers and/or temporary employees which may be within a company’s own networks. Most value-adding services build up more than one main revenue stream to avoid competing on price.


With Gigger, customers can lower costs by streamlining their personnel and payroll administration. Thus, they have great potential for savings, with up to 75 percent for companies that handle a large number of freelancers, by using Gigger’s solution instead.